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The Chandlery Yacht Sales

Find A Great Pre-Owned Yacht

Chandlery Yacht Sales is fortunate to have a great inventory of pre-owned power and sailboats.

In addition to our catalog of pre-owned yachts, we often know of boats not yet on the market.

We are also a Buyer’s Agent and would be happy to represent you in your purchase!


The Chandlery Yacht Sales

Looking For The Perfect Boat Slip?

Boat slips in the Santa Barbara Harbor are usually in high demand. Perhaps due to our longevity (70+ years in business) we know what’s available.

A lot of people ask us what is involved in securing a boat slip here in Santa Barbara. We’ve put together a series of articles to help answer your questions. Just click on the one you want to read.

How Much Is A Boat Slip?

What Are Boat Slip Transfer Fees?

Look At A Map Of Available Boat Slips.





The Chandlery Yacht Sales

Live-Aboard Information

We have many clients who love living on their boats. With the high cost of housing in Santa Barbara, the live-aboard lifestyle is an attractive option.

Naturally, there are pros and cons (but mostly pros!) regarding living aboard a boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor. With that in mind, we’ve interviewed several people and put together an article you might want to read. In addition, we have info on some of the best boats for this lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Living Aboard A Boat

A Few Of The Best Live-Aboard Boats


The Chandlery Yacht Sales

We Have Amazing New Power & Sailing Yachts

In addition to pre-owned yachts, Chandlery Yacht Sales is fortunate to represent some of the best yacht builders in the world. These new sail and power yachts are sure to tantalize your senses and inspire dreams of moving across the water in comfort.

Alerion Yachts

The first name in an American made luxury day sailing.

Baltic Yachts

Baltic produces the World’s best luxury sailing yachts imaginable. Take your dreams to reality with Baltic Yachts.

Duffield Yachts

The contemporary approach to traditional power yachting and made in America.

J Boats

What a difference a J makes! Better sailboats make for better sailing.

Leonardo Yachts

Dutch built, the Leonardo Eagles are things of beauty both visually and in performance. 

MJM Yachts

The Johnstones knock it out of the park with the MJM line of power yachts. 

Sea Sport

Built in the USA, Sea Sport builds an amazing boat… fast and tough enough for the ocean. 


The Danes know how to build performance sailboats and award-winning X-Yachts leads the field.

North Sails

Not a sailboat, just what powers the winners. North Sails, in a league of their own. 

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