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Baltic Yachts 

Chandlery Yacht Sales, based in Santa Barbara CA for over 70 years, is proud to be your west coast Baltic Yachts dealer in the USA.

Baltics Yachts is a Finnish yacht builder with 40 plus years of experience and a stellar reputation as the leading builder of custom composite yachts.


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The Baltic Yachts Difference

There are a lot of yacht builders, yet there is only one Baltic Yachts. They are the World leader in cutting edge composite yachts. With a keen attention to detail and a mission to create complex, yet easy to sail ships, Baltic Yachts leads the field.

Our expertise in building advanced composite yachts is based on nearly half a century of experience starting with many smaller production yachts and evolving into the custom superyachts we are launching today.

Pushing The Boundaries

Innovation is one of the hallmarks at Baltic Yachts. They not only seek performance from their yachts but also want them to be innovative, making them easier, safer and more exciting to sail. Below are just a few examples of what goes into their custom luxury yachts.


Weight is the enemy of performance, so from the outset, Baltic Yachts knew lightweight, versatile carbon composites were ideal for the direction they wanted to take in yacht building. Advanced composites have become the materials of choice for construction, making their yachts lighter, stiffer and faster.


Using an electric motor for a yacht’s auxiliary propulsion has become popular as the need for more environmentally acceptable power increases. A great advantage of using an electric motor is that it can work as a generator by harnessing energy from the ‘free-wheeling propeller when the yacht is under sail. The electric motor becomes a generator, which charges a battery bank and in turn supplies power to the sailing systems and services aboard the yacht.

Retractable Propulsion System

Speed and maneuverability are key for a competitive edge. Making the underwater surface of the hull as smooth as possible by retracting the propeller is one innovative way of achieving this. By partnering with propeller experts at Hundested, Baltic really pushed the boundaries including propulsion units that double as a stern thruster due to their ability to rotate 360 degrees.


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A Few Of The Baltic Yachts Creating Exciting Memories Today


An Amazing Customized Sailing Yacht

Baltic 85 Performance & Luxury

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Baltic 142

Wow doesn’t begin to describe this sailing yacht.

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