Santa Barbara Harbor Boat Slip Information

Santa Barbara Harbor Boat Slip Information

The Chandlery Yacht Sales will be happy to find the perfect Santa Barbara Harbor boat slip for your needs. We’ve helped hundreds of clients navigate the City of Santa Barbara slip transfer process with ease and efficiency.

The map below shows many, but not all, the harbor boat slips we have available in Santa Barbara. Just contact us to get information on all the Santa Barbara harbor boat slips currently available.

Santa Barbara Harbor Boat Slip Map

Below the map we have answers to many harbor boat slips questions such as costs to transfer a slip, prices of slips, and if you can live aboard your boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Please know we are always happy to clarify or answer other questions about harbor boat slips too.

santa barbara harbor boat slips FAQ's

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You Have Harbor Slip Questions… We Have Answers

Is There A Fee For Slip Transfers?

Yes, there are Santa Barbara harbor boat slip transfer fees. We’ve provided the latest fee chart. Just click on the link below

Updated Santa Barbara Harbor Boat Slip Transfer Fee (June 2024)

What are the fees for harbor boat slips?

Santa Barbara harbor slip fees vary based on slip size and boat length. Your monthly fee will be based on the slip or boat length, which ever is greater. Current Santa Barbara boat slip fees are noted below.

  • 20’ slips @ $12.07 per foot
  • 25’ slips @ $12.63 per foot
  • 28’ slips @ $12.95 per foot
  • 30’ slips @ $13.23 per foot
  • 35’ slips @ $13.82 per foot
  • 40’ slips @ $14.40 per foot
  • 43’ slips @ $14.74 per foot
  • 45’ slips @ $14.96 per foot
  • 50’ slips @ $15.53 per foot
  • 60’ slips @ $16.87 per foot
  • 70’ slips @ $18.30 per foot

Fees are set by the City of Santa Barbara and may change.

How do I Obtain A Boat Slip?

First of all, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped hundreds of people obtain a boat slip in the Santa Barbara Harbor. Just give us a call (805-965-4538) or use the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll check the current slip availability and help you easily move through the City’s slip lease process. Below are a few of the details you may want to know.

  • The City of Santa Barbara Waterfront Department owns all the harbor slips. Yacht owners lease them from the City.
  • When a boat is purchased the slip permit may be transferred to the buyer.
  • When available, slip permits held by current slip holders can be transferred at market value.
  • On occasion slips without boats are available as well. The harbor is municipally owned, so it is the permit to occupy the slip that is being purchased.
  • There are a number of fees associated with obtaining and maintaining a boat slip including: transfer fees, security deposits, monthly fees and associated taxes. We’ll go over these when we talk so you will be fully informed before moving forward.
  • Prior to any transfer and no more than 30 days before, the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol must measure your vessel. The measurement of your yacht is done from tip to tip by a harbor patrol officer. Most slips in the harbor allow for an overhang beyond the slips stated length. The beam (boats width) is measured as well. Each slip in the harbor has a different allowable maximum beam. Additionally, end-tie slips are rated for length and beam on a case-by-case basis.

The Chandlery Yacht Sales team can help you easily and efficiently navigate the particulars of any slip purchase in the harbor.

May I LIve Aboard My Yacht?

After acquiring your slip permit you may apply for a live-aboard permit. There are 113 live-aboard permits available in the harbor. You must have a boat and slip permit in your name in order to apply for a live aboard permit.

The monthly fee, once acquired, is $143. If you do not have a live-aboard permit, you may stay on your boat 3 nights per week and 60 vacation days per year. In some cases phone, high speed internet, and cable TV may be available.

Please check with The Chandlery Yacht Sales to see if there are any live aboard permits available. (805) 965-4538

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