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J70 Overview

If you know any J70 sailboat owners you also know they are darn passionate about their little speedsters. You might say they are part of a proud tribe. That’s just how it is with J-Boat owners in general. 

Launched in 2012, the J70 captured the soul of many. At 22.75 feet, she proved to be darn quick, easy to sail, stable enough for the entire family and truly towable. 

Today, the J70 is more popular than ever. You’d be hard pressed NOT to find a J70 event happening somewhere nearby. With over 1300 J70’s sprinting across the water, you are sure to find company, friendships and someone willing to test their race skills for a round of drinks afterward. 



J70 Exterior

The J70 is known as a high performance one design sailboat. She measures out at a tad under 23 long with a 7. 24 ft beam. 

Her exceptional performance is attributed to its sharp bow and flat planing sections.

Owners comment on her rugged construction featuring biaxial and unidirectional E-glass fiber construction.

A lot of racing thought went into the J70 design. Controls are easy to reach and sail controls make quick changes possible, thus keeping you in focused control of key race elements.

Add the fact you can easily trailer, rig, launch and garage your J-70. These design features are just a few of the reasons so many people love this boat.


J70 Additional Features

The J70 easily accommodates 3 adults, or 2 couples or up to 5 teens giving you a boat that’s popular with the entire family.

She is surprising comfortable for a small keelboat. The 11 foot long, self-draining cockpit with padded backrest and moderate height boom make maneuvering easy.

The J-70 comes with a 3 sail inventory, weigh in at a mere 1,750 pounds and can motor around with a 2.5 hp outboard.

Dave ReeJ/Boats’ new one-design sensation is lighting the sportboat scene ablaze. Quick, stiff, ramp-launchable, and priced right, the J/70 checked all the BOTY boxes as it sailed its way to the top of the judges’ lists. Behold our 2013 Boat of the Year.

Dave Reed

Sailing World

As a boat that maximizes the fun and excitement of sailing, while minimizing both hassle and expense, it’s easy to understand the rapid growth of the class to date. 

Rupert Holmes


Take A Look At The J70 In Action

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