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Live Aboard a Boat – Santa Barbara Harbor

live-aboard-boat-santa-barbaraImagine waking up, stretching lazily, and peeking through the blinds. You spy mountains to your left and ocean directly beneath your window. You smell the salt air and hear the soft lapping of waves. Are you on vacation on a tropical island in a cozy little beachfront bungalow?

Nope. Fortunately, you don’t need to find your own tropical island. You can enjoy this experience every morning…just by living aboard a boat in the Santa Barbara harbor!

We’ve helped dozens of clients purchase boats to use as “condos on the water” and we keep getting more and more requests about living aboard a boat in Santa Barbara Harbor.

Live Aboard a Boat or Live in a Home or Condo?

With the high cost of housing in Santa Barbara and the limited supply from which to choose, living on a boat is a natural option for those brave enough to think outside the box and take the plunge.

Compared to traditional housing, living aboard a boat can be a bargain. There are variables to consider, and we’d be happy to help you crunch the numbers.

What Do Live-Aboard Boat People Say?

live aboard boat sail boat santa barbara harborThe Chandlery Sales Staff recently interviewed a few “liveaboards” to see how they like living on their boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

  • “It’s like living in a condo on the water with a view.”
  • “The Santa Barbara Harbor is a vibrant place filled with lots of happy people at the center of activity.
  • We’ve enjoyed getting to know locals and visitors from all over the world.”
  • “Wonderful neighbors. Great community. Safe and clean!”
  • “Perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle — sailing, SUP, beach volleyball, swimming, running, biking, kayaking…it’s all right here!”
  • “Dog-friendly.”
  • “Easy access to shopping and restaurants.”
  • “Drop dead gorgeous waterfront and associated wildlife, quiet and secure nights and evenings.”
  • “Well-trained and friendly harbor staff. Well-maintained docks and clean bathrooms.”
  • “Overall, we couldn’t be happier!”

We asked if there was a downside and they all agreed:

  • “It takes more planning to run errands.”
  • “Rare inclement weather sometimes means a challenging commute back and forth from the slip to land.”

These boat owners also had a few tips for those considering the option:

  • Research the lifestyle online and meet/talk to people who live aboard boats.
  • If you’re doing this as a couple or family, make sure you all get along and can handle living in a small space!
  • Be organized with your things. Less stuff = more freedom.

live-aboard-sailboat-questionsIf you’d like to discuss the possibility of living aboard a boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor, give us a call at 805-965-4538.

We’d be delighted to discuss your options and walk you through the live-aboard process. Let us help you compare the costs of buying a house vs. buying a boat and the current rental market vs. monthly slip rents.

After all, Chandlery Yachts Sales has been doing this since 1946, and we know a thing or two about boats and our home, the Santa Barbara Harbor. We happen to think it’s the best one around!

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We are here to answer live aboard questions.

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