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Neel Trimarans… a bit of history

Chandlery Yacht Sales, based in Santa Barbara CA, is proud to represent the award-winning line of Neel Trimarans.

At first glance, you might wonder how a company that launched its first boat less than a decade ago can be winning Best Boat awards in both the US and Europe. It is no accident.

Neel’s founder, Eric Bruneel , has been in the multi-hull world for 30 years as well as a fine competitive sailor. He brings a lot of knowledge as well as an expert team that exceeds expectations on many fronts.

Neel began production of its first trimaran in 2912 with the launch of the Neel 45. By the following year, the Neel 45 had already outsold projections and won two awards:

  • Boat of the Year by Sailing World
  • Innovation Award by Cruising World

Today, Neel continues to grow both its fan base and product line with four models:

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Why Buy A Nell Trimaran?

They Are Fun to Sail: The trimaran’s very favorable weight/power ratio makes it possible to sail from the first few breezes. The leeward float participates in the anti-drift plane and allows for efficient close-hauled edges. The trimaran sails comfortably thanks to its low angle of heel.

Highly Livable: The trimaran’s living space is impressive. Indeed the 3 hulls allow unequaled habitability and original layouts, favoring well-being on board:

  • A unique main deck owner’s cabin with an exceptional view of the outside.
  • Surprising floats by their volume and aesthetics, a string of privatized living spaces allowing maximum privacy and comfort.
  • Numerous and voluminous storage spaces: wardrobes, cupboards, hold and storage compartment.

Safety: The width of NEEL trimarans is an important factor for safety on the high seas because it is a guarantee of stability.

On a catamaran the maximum righting moment occurs at 12° heeling, as shown on the stability curve.

This angle can be reached relatively easily when sailing in strong winds and heavy seas. However, on a trimaran, this maximum righting moment does not occur until 32° heeling, therefore in normal multihull conditions of use, this angle is never reached. For this reason, and thanks to the centered weight distribution, a trimaran is much more stable than a catamaran.


Neel Trimaran: Performance

Offshore racing results show the trimaran is significantly faster than monohulls or catamarans.

This is also true for cruising trimarans, as proven by the last ARC rally won by a NEEL 45.

The superiority of the trimaran is even more obvious when sailing upwind, especially due to the rig.

Unlike a catamaran, the forestay, mast and mainsail tension on the Nell Trimaran is structurally bonded to one strong, longitudinal beam: the main hull.

This configuration, as per a monohull, allows for a rigid forestay and good performance up-wind.

Performance is also enhanced by the centered weight.

The extra speed of the trimaran is an additional safety factor.

NEEL trimarans are conceived for fast cruising.

With an average cruising speed of around 10 knots, over 200 nautical miles are easily achievable every 24 hours. Speeds from 15 to 18 knots are often reached when the wind is good.

  • Weight centering is managed in order to limit pitching.
  • The center hull is rockered to facilitate tacking.
  • Floats are of a stretched form to privilege directional stability and advancement of the center of buoyancy as a function of sail loading.
  • The rigging is directly derived from racing trimarans, thereby achieving full cruising speeds up to twice as fast as conventional cruising yachts.
  • The sail surface area is generous too.
  • The low prismatic coefficient of the central hull means drag is quite low


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