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Looking for a new yacht for sale? You’ve come to the right place. For over 70 years we have been making people happy boat owners, in California and beyond. Kenny Keiding, co-owner of Chandlery Yacht Sales, is a third-generation yachtsman. His knowledge is legendary and ensures you will find the perfect craft. Whether you are looking for a competitive sailboat, leisure craft, or power yacht, our talented staff will help you find the right one for your needs. Our family looks forward to helping yours.

New Yachts For Sale

Below are a few of the many yacht manufacturers we recommend. We represent many excellent builders and have long-time relationships with them as well as extensive product knowledge. Once we uncover your goals and needs, we will make boat recommendations that are the best match. With so many variables, our decades of experience ensures you will be delighted with your new yacht. We can also help you find a slip for the new craft. Exceptional service, knowledge and genuine concern for our customers are why we’ve been around since 1946.

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X-Yachts, simply stated, create some of the finest luxury sailing yachts on the planet. With sizes ranging from 39′ to 65′, they have something for most any taste. They are know for their commitment to building excellence that combines comfort with performance.

For more information on X-Yachts, please visit our X-Yachts page.

new yacht for sale jboats california
JBoats_LogoJ/Boats is the world leader in high-performance sailboats designed for cruising, day sailing, offshore racing and one-design racing. Why settle for anything less than sailing where and when you want to in comfort, style, and speed? Chandlery Yacht Sales is the oldest J/Boat dealer on the West Coast. We are very proud to have introduced this world-class craft to so many happy people.

For more information on J/Boats, please visit their website.

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MJM Yachts have made quite an impression on the power yacht world and we couldn’t be more delighted to be the MJM Yachts dealer for California. They have taken the classic downeastern craft to new heights with design and technological innovations giving it unmatched speed and fuel efficiency.  A craft you will be proud to call your own.

Read more about these fine power yachts here.

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logo_WDSchockSchock Boats has been building sailboats for day sailing, cruising, and competitive racing since 1946. The Chandlery Yacht Sales has been instrumental in developing the Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet. We are the only Harbor 20 fleet in the world that race with spinnakers.

For more information on W.D. Schock Boats, please visit their website at

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logo_duffieldThe Duffield 58 is a classically-designed yacht from the drawing board of Doug Zurn. She offers a combination of innovative hull design, low silhouette, lightweight composite materials, a V-drive propulsion system and an advanced diesel four stroke engine, which results in pushing a luxury yacht at a comfortable 17-knot cruising speed burning a mere 22 gallons per hour. Read what Yachting Magazine has to say about the Duffield 58. It’s a wonderful yacht Chandlery Yacht Sales is proud to represent.

For more information on new yachts for sale by Duffield Yachts, please visit their website at

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