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Why Choose Sea Sport Boats?

People often ask why there are so many different types of boats out there. What we’ve learned in our 75+ years in business is that each of our customers has different reasons for wanting a yacht. Sea Sport, manufactured in the US by Northwest Marine, check off a lot of the “I Want” boxes, especially for West Coast boaters who like to fish and cruise with friends and family.

Sea Sport boats are pilothouse style power boats and come in a variety of sizes and configurations ranging from 22-32 foot. They are known for making rough waters feel smooth, excellent craftsmanship, lot of customization options and fast when you need it.

People choose Sea Sport for a variety of reasons:

  • The Pilothouse design offers climate-controlled escape when the weather turns cold and excellent top storage for kayaks or space to sunbath. 
  • The deep v hull design is perfect for sliding through rough seas giving your gang more comfort.
  • People like the idea of buying and supporting a US based manufacturer.
  • The beamy indoor spaces are highly customizable, letting you choose the right features for your lifestyle.
  • A wide range of motor options are available including most all outboard manufacturers or an inboard/outboard drive.
  • Most sizes can be configured to emphasize fishing or cruising. 
  • High ceilings in the pilothouse and berths offer more comfort.
sea sport 3200
sea sport boat dealer california
sea sport 3000

Sea Sport Boats…

It Starts with Great Engineering!

Sea Sport utilizes time tested techniques to ensure amazing structural integrity including:

  • Knitted fiberglass with a biaxial orientation gives their boats great strength with less weight.
  • They use high-density foam core versus wood for all structural components.
  • Sea Sport makes use of technological innovation including vacuum bagging producing the strongest, lightest, and safest boats on the market today.

Going beyond the surface of the boat, putting the same quality of construction into every aspect of their models is what Sea Sport is all about, prioritizing safety and durability in every boat they make.

Sea Sport boats are very popular in the harsh Alaskan waters where they are known for their structural soundness.


Sea Sport… it’s all about you

What are you looking for in your next boat? 

  • Is cruising your main focus?
  • Maybe you are looking for a great ocean fishing boat. 
  • Is your’s to be a family boat or more for taking out friends?
  • Depending on what you want, Sea Sport has a boat that just may make you smile… a lot. 

Check out the blue box for some of the ways we make the boat just right for you. 

sea sport boat dealer california

Power Plant

We think you should get the right motor for your needs, not the one or two the builder offers.

Sea Sport can install a wide variety of brands and motor sizes, both outboards and inboard/outdrives.

FYI: We strongly recommend outboards for the California coast and is one of the reasons Chandlery Yacht Sales recommends Sea Sport.

Equipment & Accessories

People are often surprised by Sea Sport’s customization options. Unlike many manufactures, they really do build each boat by hand and with lots of personalization.

If fishing is your passion, pole holders, tackle boxes, bait tanks and more can be installed. 

Perhaps this is more of a family boat. Let us help you design the perfect craft to spend time cruising.  

The team at Chandlery Yacht Sales will go through the options with you, ensuring you get just what you want.


Sea Sport wants their boat owners to look good on the water, both inside and out. Part of the way this happens is by offering exterior color customizations and options.

As long as the colors are offered by their suppliers, Sea Sport will match you up with real-life color chips to ensure your delight.

Fabrics & Upholstery

Sea Sport’s custom upholstery department can cut, shape, hem most types of fabric in a wide range of colors. They offer a fine range of products and delight in creating the aesthetics you want.

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Take A Look At Some Sea Sport Boats

sea sport boat dealer california

Pacific 3200

This Cat Has Claws. The Pacific 3200 catamaran is a uniquely designed boat with unbelievable performance. 

sea sport voyager 3000

Voyager 3000

Sea Sport has combined quality construction with first-class comfort to create the ultimate family cruising vessel.

sea sports offshore 3000

Offshore 3000

The Offshore is a seriously fine sports fisher that boasts optimal performance, speed, and long-range capabilities.

Commander 2800

The commander is the perfect size for both leisure family cruising and the diehard fisherman.

Kodiak 2600

With its deep V Hull and large reverse chine’s the 2600 Kodiak will get you where you want to go comfortable and safe.

Sea Sport questions? We have answers.

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