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xC 47e - Bluewater Cruising Goes Hybrid

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X-Yachts Xc47e Overview

What do you get when you take an award-winning cruiser into the next powerplant era? The X-Yachts Xc47e,  a top-in-class bluewater cruiser with an electric propulsion system.

‘In short, Xc 47e is an elegant bluewater cruiser built for safe and comfortable sailing on the oceans. ‘Incredible focus was placed on the design to make shorthanded sailing safe and easy’, says Thomas Mielec, director of design & engineering at X-Yachts.

‘Many of our customers share a dream of heading off on a long cruise, often around the world. With this yacht, they will be ready and able to achieve this whenever the opportunity arises and do it without diesel. How refreshing is that!

picuture of x-yachts x49
xyachts xc47c e hybrid
dingy storage and swim deck

X-Yachts Xc47e – Shorthanded Sailing Like You Dreamed

Most sailing today, even bluewater cruising, is performed with a small crew, with often just a couple of crew members, which the development team has kept in mind right from the outset of the design process. Some of the design features and functions have been seen on other premium yachts, but on the Xc 47e, they are executed with an unprecedented sense of style.

No doubt you noticed the “e” designation in the model name. The future has arrived, so please warmly welcome X-Yacht’s first hybrid sailing yacht, the Xc47E (information about the electric propulsion system is found below.

The cockpit layout has been designed to allow the helmsman to handle all lines. Four winches—two on each side—are positioned in front of the wheels. All relevant trim lines are led in channels under the deck from the mast to the steering position, with jammers reachable by the helmsman.

The traveller has been re-positioned from the cockpit to a position in front of the sprayhood. Apart from creating an efficient workspace, this cockpit arrangement leaves room for a comfortable living space, with the sail handling concentrated to the area at the helm station.

Near the transom, a large aft deck accommodates a comfortable full-width seating area behind the wheels, as well as a nice sunbathing area. As it should be on a true offshore yacht, the cockpit is deep, well protected, and with a closed transom.

picture of the x49 cabin
x49 galley
x49 galley

Electric Propulsion System

The boat is equipped with a 30kW electric propulsion system (30kW of peak power and 25kW continuous power), an 11 kW DC generator and a 46,4kWh Lithium propulsion battery bank.

The large propulsion battery bank will allow the Xc 47E to travel more than 30 NM at a speed of 6 knots only using electric power from the battery bank.

The 11kW DC generator will be able to support in case longer distances have to be made under motor.

The propulsion system is based on the brand new Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25, enabling high generation possibilities under sail with the variable pitch propeller.
The engine room has been converted into a “technical compartment” where the battery management system, the HPSP 25 and a large 8kW combi (inverter/charger) is installed. The room is noise insulated to the highest standards and has forced ventilation.

The 8kW combi power supplies, power for the electric stove, entertainment systems, electric hot water tap and other AC equipment onboard and allows fast recharging of the propulsion battery bank, when connected to shore power.

The service battery bank is standard for Hybrid Xc 47’s also lithium type.
All batteries are stored safely in alu boxes below the floorboard ensuring increased stability of the yacht and with means of a safe fire extinguishing system.
Together with Oceanvolt, the overall DC system is beyond the newest ISO standards for yachts with electrical propulsion and is designed so the boat is more or less self-sufficient with power.

x49 layout options
x49 layout option 2

Standard Layout

The Xc47e is currently offered in two configurations. One option offer 3 sleeping berths while the other features two sleeping section and additional storage. Customization is often available within the standard plans.

Rethinking every detail focused on performance and comfort, the X-Yachts Xc 47 takes the bluewater cruiser to a new level.

January, 2024

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Adam Cove

Influencer , Sail Magazine

 few will equal the enticing combination of the very solid and reassuring feel of the Xc47, the pleasure of sailing this yacht, and its very civilised and well organised accommodation.

Toby Hodges

Author, Yachting World

Xc47e Specifications

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